Sunday, March 12, 2017

Silence like a Speakeasy

Hey there dear
Who sits with the night
Watching the shadows in pale moonlight
You are strange, and it is pleasing to see
A silence that feels like a speakeasy
If we dance
But you turn to ash
Like dusty sand poured on wet grass
The dismay that fills my eyes
Is like the way a child cries
Wash me up on jagged shores
Pour lava where we meet no more
The world erodes a bridge in time
Yet by then our wings we’ll find
And then for sure we’ll soar
So high
Or die.
And be woven back into black vastness
The empty cavern night sky
I drove home before
sunrise made the sky small again

Art by - Nymphadora - T

Monday, December 29, 2014

Starlight Children

we water the garden with tears from our soul
our light invites growth
entire years...
are turned under
into compost

but not for our soul
because our soul is a piece of starlight,

starlight, child, you are starlight

even in death
life springs forth from our

a snake
swallowing its tail
this world
falls unto itself

and he took my hand again
even as it turned to ashes
burning into new feathers
spreading my wings
i called back
come fly with me to the heavens
let us be carried away from this
brutal place
and be two birds on the winds of forever
gliding between stars
in the smooth indigo of space
the breathless, weightless, surrender
of angels hovering in the dusk of life

leave the snakes
to consume themselves
and spirit ourselves
away to the stars


hear my starlight call
and be done with all darkness
every child is born
a child of god
to be christened in the noon-day sun
turned by the seasons
reasoned by grace
birthed holy by the screams of pain
we all arrive
at the gates of our destiny

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sublime Disease

there you sat
with midnight's drift
a man alone
with night's sweet angels
and gentle moved
the heated breeze
revealing sublime disease

as each had coated
all the angles
with words and paint
and promise sweet
such things they say
in midnight's heat
so kind, such love
what a dream
yes, yes, what a dream

their words, their hair
pleasing seemed
even though
its all amiss
from the first whispered kiss
something hissed
and told a tale of love and bliss

wings are broken
hair in tangles
torn stockings
legs a-dangle
claws and teeth
and yet they keep chanting peace...

and so it goes
you do not see
the story continues needlessly
oh seeker, what do you seek?
to feed the strong to the weak?

round and round
you wonder why
coat the world with pretty lies
on the poster
on the wall
epic quotes drip down the halls

what is hidden
what is drowned
a life thats lived underground
like a feeling
like a sound
the truth is deep
the truth is bound
why something lost
remains unfound

a little boy now
looking up
wonders why
the silence calls
wonders what would woo them all
before their painted faces fall?

soon, he knows
from behind the masks
the darkness crawls
and demon's dance
down the halls
down the street
dance the world
until she bleeds

a little boy now
he wonders still
will they ever have their fill?

there he sat
hands in prayer for midnight's drift
stillness in the heated air
his aloneness
is a gift
as he wonders
as he cries
is there a way
to make it shift?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

misty peru by the coast

heading to rest
soft, nest
tired body
content mind
as i look outside

the mist presses
my window pane
red light smears
itself across
the floating water blanket
that is the lima skyline

i could write a novel
on the window pane dew
going from flat to flat
an entire saga
would be welcomed
by the persistent precipitation
peacefully enveloping
glass surfaces
from this block
to the next.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


good night my love

he says as he turns out the light

but what does that mean?
i just want to be seen
when i try to express
my distress
about how you bless me
with your absence

when i say,
where were you when
you say oh no
away i must go!

you disappear
something hit near?
but the question is clear
so what is love
if you are always above?
tell me, dear
i’ll lend you my ear
when you disappear
what is it you fear?

but instead
you go dead
and up lifts the head
theories and talks
ideas, of
compassion and bliss
but if you can’t walk the path
then somethings a miss

if you can’t stumble
and stagger
but only can swagger
glide into a room
alight with insight
picked up from a book
you read in the night
mysterious, vague
the right kind of precise
with a sweet, soft glance
and a touch so nice
who could resist
such a sweet kiss
with promises
of high-minded bliss?

if the rocks and the rain
earn a composed disdain
if the tears and the joy
miss you, oh boy
and your life passes you by
without the doing the work
down here on earth
because you’re afraid of the hurt
because sometimes there’s pain
tears, rain, storms, forms,
thunder claps, relapse,
it’s really insane
if your life passes you by
without doing the work
what was the point of a human birth?

tuck your heart back
between sharp shoulder blades
sew it up tight
with logic and rage
but whenever its stirred
the anger in there
oh lover,  beware
pulling back, push away
oh what a dance!
the darkness inside
granting despair
what we hide never hides
so here it is
showing up again
the way we respond
to the ones we call friends
so pain rules the day
but it’s the same damn play
the actors have changed
maybe you’ve rearranged
different hair, a new belt
you maintain your bad luck
is just the hand you’re dealt

but i’m telling you, sir
there is another way
to rewrite the play
walking into a brave, new day
to feel in the rain
when it pours
down your back
your hopes down the drain
your life in the crack
soaking you wet
like the coldest sweat
you don’t disapear
you wash your soul clear
walking along,
sing a sad, sad song
to the nightingale
to the owls, to the sky
singing your heart out till you feel you will die
you bend and you sway
like a willow in wind
but continuing on
you still look within
and the night becomes dark
your clothes like ice
all alone
and the woods don’t feel nice
nothing is there, and no ones around
but still your feet walking
on such hallowed ground

such is life
that’s how it goes
in the dark
as times slows
broken, beaten, wet and cold
but deep down inside
becoming more whole

because that is life
and why we’re on earth
this work is why
you chose human birth
if you were meant
to be in clouds
floating, flying,
high above the ground
in one simple word
you know what you’d be?
something with wings and a beak
in one word,
a bird
but, here you are
with two arms and a heart
you’re not a turtle
stuck in a shell
hiding inside
your own personal hell
so why pretend
locking up tight
poking your head out
and saying alls right?

you were given insight
guts, skin and bones
confusing experiences
underlying tones
people in pain
doing painful things
and all of these gifts
these situations
“it’s not me
it’s you”
- come on,
is that really true?

we all co-create
from our inner state
if you’re not aware
what’s lurking in there
or can’t be bothered
to really care
then don’t be surprised
when i see the disguise
placed over the pain
tucked down inside
and wish you the best
as i turn to the west
and sink my soul into tranquil sunsets

the thing you run from
the feelings you shun
these are your tools
to break down the walls
to break down the theories
so you can run through the halls
feeling life as it comes
in your bones, guts and heart
the clearest of souls
shaking off the dark
so what do we do
when life churns the world?
keep diggin my dear
look for the pearl
into your belly
into your core
take yourself back
reclaim your center
and begin to unpack
you’ll be surprised
what’s lurking in there
the unconscious ways
the ideas declared
we think we know
but what a mess it becomes!
until we face
what keeps coming up
the world outside
comes from within
so is it time yet
for the journey to begin?

ah here we are
willing to look
one page at a time
re-writing your book
nothing to do
no one to be
all that is needed is
willingness to see.