Thursday, June 17, 2010

Like Bliss

I lay in bed
drifting to sleep,
dream of your hands
caressing me.

You lay behind,
my soft curves,
a gentle kiss,
like bliss, slips into this....

The night grows long, slow and deep
some how we do not manage sleep,
window's open, fresh sea air.....
breathing life without a care,

I whisper something in your ear,
you reach out and draw me near....
the whole caress begins again,
from passion to dreams, to succulent screams
forget the now, the how,
live the when this feeling begins...
instead of chasing futures round the bend,
you find desire within two hands,
a man of men, knows the place,
where ecstasy and beauty embrace,
and decides just where to bury his face...

oh pass the glass, lover dear
fill it with wine, or if out, with beer!
i'll share with you, and we will drink it clear,
until i'm done blushing,
and whisper...

"oh lover boy, come over here...."

Now it's my turn to raise the tides,
the current swirls and passion's high,
a lovely whirlpool gives swift rise,
to my lover's delight
and it's his turn to call out to the night...
an echo across the sea, sweet moonlight
something is feeling more than right...

rise and swell,
ring your bell,
tell your tale,
of two young lovers on the sea at night.
enjoying every lovers delight,
free to drift in ecstasy,
oh rising waves, carry me....