Monday, April 23, 2012

Silent Refrain

A face in the pouring rain
glaring eyes shooting fire
the anger drops on freezing ground
a dead man cannot feel the pain
he mumbles...
a dead man cannot feel pain
every tragic person's silent refrain

but how do you live if you are dead inside?

Shuffle, shuffle, sleeping masses
pre-conditioned madness
no one looks up from their sorrows
the clear sky
is right beside illusion's horrors
they just tear and squabble with each other
what a bother!

will you climb the ladder or keep your head down?

The house was locked
the heart was locked
all down tight
no one move
don't turn on a light
don't blink
don't think
no one wink
what are we hiding from?

all I ever wanted
was someone super sweet
with happy feet
a warm heart beat
a man who thinks adventures neat
who likes to laugh, and hum and take baths
who stumbles, but lands on his feets or able hands
when I breath, I can't help but wonder, baby
why are you so mad at me?