Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Sea is Calling the New Day!!

The morning wakes me from painful visions,
Of a time, and a way that still haunts my mind,
when my dreams relax and let the things in the corners crawl out.

He was like a spider, and still the web pulls on me every now and again.

But on my horizon is a different ship,
Zen lightness meets intricate curiosity,
and I tell the script writer to send me something epic this time

Someone who melts the sunlight in his hand and offers a diamond,
Who plays with rainbows just to see what they are made of...
Who cuts you off at the pass to share a great story and sweet wine

Someone who seizes time, by will of mind, shares the dance and dances the sea,
and swiftly sails away with me...

and laughs all the while I set myself free!!!

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