Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mother's Wake....

Midnight rustle against brittle leaves
Her dreams bound down by tight sleeves
She drifted through the lovely eve
no thought caught hold of her own reprieve

A demon pounced upon soul weakness
exploiting the story of her bliss
to make her chase her own abyss
soon he even owned her kiss
a hiss...

She had been a golden child
Luck and looks and all the while
Everything you could want all in a pile
So she walked away, that was her style

She left each one and their offers
For each of us wanted something from her
A mother, a daughter, sister, brother
She chose always the same, same lover

Her golden hues became broken brown
her lovely locks fallen down
her children lived on foreign ground
and all her pain she drowned...
all her pain she drowned.

She had a twinkle in her eye
The demon hadn't sucked that dry
but you couldn't say you didn't try
To laugh and live and thrive
She made the best of us cry
She made all of us cry

I wish it had gone another way
held another to her lips to pray
If she'd known the beauty she could have been today...
she could have made a whole world sway.
I dream of tea, and talk, and thought and hey,
anything can change, right, anything, anyway?

Yeah, I tried. So many days, days, and days and now...
The lilac scent is summer's breeze, anyhow
the moon rises, pushes, and the stars allow
we all miss who we thought would become a wow
Instead of numb, a sweet blossom opened out
All her memories to ashes, soot from bow
and the waves come crashing down
She's with her maker now
may he take her now
and show her anyhow
that her peace is now

no more worry
or hurry

lost snowflake in a bright light flurry
lost twinkle in a sky of blinking stars
lost wrinkle in a soul of healing scars
last thought in a world lost to you
last breath as it breaths right through the exit of you
last words I spoke to you, they were so few, and I wish they were truer
and the last truth you felt couldn't have been any newer...
and the waves came crashing down.

May you find your joy.
May you find your light in the dark night
May the ferry carry you across still or turbulent seas
To set down your little feet on ground that embraces you

May you suffer no more.

May you find your joy.


dgstraub said...

Beautiful eulogy.

Laurie said...

so beautiful Rae xoxo

Sarah said...

And yet another little dam broke inside me while reading this... I don't know if or when the tears will end, but this poem burrows deep within. Thank you

Connie Murray said...

This was a lovely tribute to your mother Rae. You have been blessed with the gift of expressing yourself beautifully.

Anonymous said...