Friday, August 26, 2011

Not God, just call me Andy

If sunlight were
a cheaper thrill
I'd drink it like the wine
I spill
down empty throat that's calling

If your smile were
a hundred mile jaunt
Like lilies
each dimple landing taunt
every time you smile dear
I have trouble standing

She throws the knife
most precise
into her own poor heart
but when I handed her the mirror
so she could appear-er dearer
I knew not a shard would
slice her life in strife
her mind a jilted hearer

He begs the difference
of two strong winds
creating up a storm
but then he cries
alas my house
when from the ground its torn

The monkey leaps from limb to limb
and tickles branch's fancy
he wonders if the clouds fair game
he's feeling kinda antsy

She wins
a turn on second thought
apparently with pacing
but now
she's not
so sure herself
she should even be racing

Ground to a halt
it's not my fault
I'm really not a Dandy
I'm just a little lonely, girl
and that hair gel was so handy
but now that you have commandeered
my attention, and my randy
I'd happily agree
join the cult of me
Not God, just call me Andy

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