Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Poem for Susan..

you needed me there,
and i was not

what are you going to do with that fucked up snarled grin?
are you going to sink your teeth in?

You take a swing,
but i am not there
your fist hits air
but i don't care...

your mind is filled with the rush of hot blood
soft skin hits brick wall
can you make the wall feel small?
does the wall feel at all?

she is disgusting
she is misunderstood
she is all of us
she is on the bus

fighting her good fight
is that her demon?
i do not know,
but i am leaving...

its no judgement on you
what, how, or who u voodoo
but i have something better to do
than stand around
and fight with you.

same old people
i react the same old way
until today
that is my demon to slay

i wonder,
is it natural?
or something you consciously do?
remember, santa is watching you....

stumble down the hall,
with a broken grin
trailing blood on the wall
fists tucked in
forehead cut
wearing nothing at all
except a crown
which slipped down
and tore the corner off your fucked up frown.

lift off,
there she goes
fighting the world
as she breaks her toes.

i'm going home.

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