Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sputter, Go getter

Your shadow like a gutter,
I tripped and stuttered,
and there we were, fallen in somethin'
obscured by each other.

I heard you sputter, but it was poison for another lover,
So we fell, and maybe love hovered,
but it wasn't love, lover.

It was something more deranged and grey,
a little thicker, and sicker
like corn syrup on cold pancakes,
awakes the pain, like a stain in every single ex-change.

Blame the blame, like cotton in the rain
like cold in pain, a bomb on the plane,
enough to make the whole fuckin' world go insane.

Pouring sand thru hands that had other plans, man.
Face fading, time evading, something caving in, and
We were naive to even begin, and
to thinks its a thing when it ain't no thing, man.

Embraced disgrace, misplaced the way you play the game,
but it's all really the same game played, stalemate,
Sometimes two people can never see each other's real face...

Forever, never knowing better,
I know you woulda let her
you've always been a go getter...

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