Monday, March 29, 2010

Swept Away....

i feel asleep with the light on,
i awoke and it was dark
but i knew something was amiss.
i could see the glow as you frantically checked your phone
and tried to hide the checking
how strange the things we try to hide end up revealing that there was something to hide.
how do you like that?

it was an unsung sunday
callous with misgivings
bringing information to a point of fulfillment
already fulfilled she said, over her shoulder as she turned away
so there is nothing more to do!

the garden moves on,
the season's change brings new seeds,
an empty husk that shakes in the wind
has no power
but to make noise,
like a death rattle,
after an entire season's turn,
and all that exists from such sweet blossoms
is the shaking of an empty husk.

how do you like that?

so we let go of that season,
proper endings
become welcome greetings, seeding, being,
and love lifts us round again like the hands of children swinging streamers round the may pole,
the woven garland around an upright shaft,
round, round, may this one fly and not hit the ground!!
ash to ash!
we all fall down.

so she listened as that one crow tried to clear his voice
he was calling to her, to the world
to the sway of the garden on this new day
all shall be swept away.... swept away

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