Sunday, April 4, 2010

Angel Piss

love was an angel pissing on my tongue
sweet, but still angel piss i guess.

i constantly found myself wondering if love was a good thing.
is angel piss good?

a broken shadow, hovering inside yourself
in spite of all your delusion
a little bit of the light was beginning to peak thru the cracks
and you were tentatively liking this...
but what would you do with this brave new world?

would you let it blossom inside you?
or would it be like a shattered mirror?
little cracked pieces of fractured self reflection?

i listened and moved on,
finding my groove to the tap, tap, tap of startled rooftops,
here san francisco rained as i tossed on my bed and thought
of the undoing

how things come apart
a badly woven tapestry of misunderstanding
and soaring devotion that just looked sickly
hanging there on a wall of accusations.

hey, do you remember me?
i'm the one who didn't kick you when you were down
i'm the one who picked you up, and dusted off your corduroy teddy bear
making sure you had a friend even though you didn't know it

so why do you cut and run ?
why do you always choose to leave me before the most important conversation that could change everything?

dust devils and sand castles swirl you away.
chasing, chasing, chasing.
running, running, running,
when it had already been found.

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